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Trail Rides in Myakka

Horseback riding in Myakka, Florida is fun and relaxing! We offer horseback riding on our trails at Myakka River Trail Rides in Myakka City. Relax and enjoy the quiet, shaded and ever changing trails on the property on top of a trusted trail horse. Myakka River Trail Rides provides a tranquil experience for even the most hesitant to ride a horse and after just one ride you will understand the love people have for horses.

Intro Trail Ride
Your young one loves to ride the family great dane around the house, and you can't help eye your tot with envy. Mount a beast that's more your size with today's deal from Myakka River Ranch. You will receive short instructions on navigating horse and learn how to stop, go and turn. Group will be taken by the guide in a large area with oak trees, wild life, water and will travel through the grassy field to explore. Safety is our goal! This trail ride is walk only and is suitable for riders who has never been on the horse or rode just a few times.
* Kids 10 years and older, up to 250 lbs, must be fit to get on horse without help, 72-hour cancellation and reschedule policy.
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Riding Time
You have been riding horses before and you are ready to go! Meet your steed and practice faster gaits in our arena before hitting the trail. Our sport horses are cross trained in dressage, jumping, barrel racing and offer confident riding experience. This trail ride takes place in wide open area with woods, lakes, wildlife and farm animals. Riding skills are required. Please be advised that you must trot before you can canter!
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Sunset Ride
Perfect for special occasion or a romantic outing! Go for a fun ride and relax under our large oak tree with a drink of your choice. Watch the sunset and enjoy the evening.

Toddlers Time
Introduce your young ones to the horse.